Gunpowder Rye Whiskey

Gunpowder Rye Whiskey is named for the Gunpowder River in northeastern Maryland, the location of the post-Prohibition family distillery.  Gunpowder is a spicy Maryland style rye, distilled from rye and malted barley and matured in new American oak barrels.  This whiskey enters with flavors of rye grain and cinnamon, builds with baking spice, clove, and sassafras and finishes with toasted malt, bittersweet chocolate, and vanilla.



Gold, Beverage Testing Institute

Bronze, Washington Cup

Bronze, Great American Distillers Festival


Here are a couple of cocktail recipes that we enjoy:


Gunpowder Sazerac

3 oz Gunpowder Rye
.75 oz simple syrup
2-3 dashes Peychaud bitters
Lemon twist

In a mixing glass, muddle the simple sugar and bitters together.  Add the rye and ice, and stir.  Rinse a rocks glass with absinthe, swirling it around and discard the liquid.  Strain the rye mixture into the rocks glass and garnish with the lemon twist.



2 oz Gunpowder Rye
.5 oz Grand Marnier
.5 oz dry vermouth

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with orange peel.

Vieux Carre

3/4 oz. Gunpowder Rye
3/4 oz. Cognac
3/4 oz. sweet vermouth
1 barspoon Bénédictine
2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
2 dashes Angostura bitters

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir well, strain into an ice-filled Old Fashioned glass and garnish.